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Owned and Operated by Matthew D. Sawyer., Attorney and counselor at law

In our recent business dealings with Mr. Sawyer, my wife and I found him to be professional, yet easy to work with.  He took the time to find what our needs were and delivered, making sure we understood the necessary "legalese" used in our documents so we knew they reflected our requirements.  He really seems to care about his clients.  I find that refreshing, especially when trying to navigate in the legal world. - - Roger K


My parents passed away in 2014, Mom proceeding my Dad by 5 months.  Unfortunately Dad hadn't finished probating Mom's estate before he passed away.  My brother and I were co-executors at that point and he lives in Missouri.  Matt was able to get both estates probated quickly without my brother having to come to Texas to appear in court.  We appreciate the excellent work Matt did in taking a potential mess and getting the issues resolved quickly.  Thanks Matt. - - Robert D.


Reaching out to Mr. Sawyer was the best decision I could make.  I chose to go to him for a family law case.  After my initial consultation with Mr. Sawyer, there was no doubt in my mind he was the right man for the job.  He is very caring about his clients and passionate about the work he does.  He took the time to get to know me and my case.  After learning all the facts regarding both me and the opposing party, Mr. Sawyer chose the direction that led us to victory.  He included me in every aspect of the case, making me feel like I had some control in how my case would turn out.  I would definitely recommend Mr. Sawyer.   - -  Sarah W.       



Thank you for everything you did for me, Matt.  I couldn't ask for a better lawyer to take my case!  - - A.S.

We worked with Mr. Sawyer several times over the last ten years.  He thoroughly researches the issue and is more than prepared to solve the problem.  We would recommend him to anyone. - - Nick and Laura R.