Law Offices of Matthew D. Sawyer, P.L.L.C.

Owned and Operated by Matthew D. Sawyer., Attorney and counselor at law

Although we focus on probate, during a 25 year legal career, our offices have developed expertise in several legal areas. For example, our founder was a leading election lawyer at the national level, including for major presidential campaigns, and was the health privacy law expert for one of America's top non-profits. He also drafted, negotiated, and finalized hundreds of high-value business transactions, some of which were publicly quite notable.

Now we bring the same excellence to bear to help individuals, families and small to medium sized businesses in our chosen practice areas.

Our offices apply a thorough precision and an approachable, friendly sophistication in service of a proprietary analytical methodology called the Value Process. These characteristics and techniques, brought to bear on your legal issues, drives the achievement of your goals.  


Bringing you PEACE OF MIND.  

Our expertise becomes yours in election law, estate planning, business transactions, probate and related areas, such as elder law, wills, and trusts.